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Links and resources

On this page I have added some links and resources you may find interesting.


The British Acupuncture Council is the main professional body for acupuncturists in the UK.

Accurate and unbiased general information on a range of conditions is provided by the British Acupuncture Council here.

If you are interested in learning more about the current research into acupuncture I recommend the website of the Acupuncture Research Resource Centre,  Faculty of Health & Human Sciences, Thames Valley University.

If you are interested in training as an acupuncturist I recommend you visit the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading.


The Acupuncture Handbook” by Angela Hicks. This is an excellent read for the layperson and covers everything you need to know about acupuncture, from what it’s like to have treatment to how to find the right practitioner. Published by Piatkus Books [ISBN 978-0749924720]

Energy Medicine” by John Hamwee explains how to make best use of the complementary therapies which work with the body’s energy (Qi). Ideal for the layperson or for healthcare professionals wanting to understand or use these apparently mysterious forms of medicine. Published by Vermillion [ISBN 978-0091882242]

What Really Works” by award winning health journalist Susan Clarke includes an excellent A-Z of everyday health complaints and complementary therapies. Published by Thorsons [ISBN 978-0007147458]