Prideaux Acupuncture

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Prideaux Acupuncture


The first session (consultation, diagnosis and treatment) lasts up to one and a half hours and costs £65.  Subsequent treatments (45 minutes) cost £45.

Sue operates a small percentage of her practice on a reduced fee basis to help those on low income.  Please contact Sue if you would like to discuss this.

If you have private health insurance you may find your insurer offers a sum of money to cover some or all of the costs of therapies that are proven to be effective (eg: acupuncture and osteopathy) and provided the practitioner is registered with their professional body.  You should contact your insurance company for details.

If you are unsure about committing to treatment and would like to have a chat before doing so you are welcome to contact SueShe is always happy to speak on the phone or face to face and also offers a free 15-minute consultation for this purpose.